Down Town Amarillo

Down Town Amarillo

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

12 Quick and Easy Ways to Add Curb Appeal to Your Home

Curb Appeal…if someone asks you to describe it, what would you say? It can be hard to put into words, but when a homes got it, it's easy to spot.

Houses with curb appeal “force” you to drive by them when you are in the area. There you are, simply minding your own business on the way back from an errand or meeting, when suddenly an indescribable force takes control of your car, steering it two blocks over where you find yourself slooowly driving by “that” house…the one that makes your heart pitter-patter just a little bit faster. I call those “stalker” houses because they have a way of turning this semi-normal girl into a crazed house stalker with their curb-side charm and engaging personality.

One time I discovered a stalker home in the historic district of the town in which I live. On a Saturday afternoon, I drove by it several times, trying to capture a good photo of it for my blog, Between Naps on the Porch. I was having a hard time due to the trees and foliage that were partially blocking my view of it from the road. Later that same week, a friend and I were antiquing in the area. I drove by slowly once again so my friend could see the stalker house. We laughed envisioning the owners inside saying, "There she is again...that woman in the white SUV, still casing our house. Call the police!" ;)

Is there a house you love to stalk? Or, perhaps you are the fortunate owner of a stalker house. Do folks slooow down as they pass by your home, oohing and ahhing over its beautiful façade and exterior good looks?

Or, alas, do you feel your home might be missing that ooh/aah factor? Let not your heart be are 12 easy ways to bring your home up to stalker status in no time at all:

1.  Give your home a touch of romance with a climbing rose or flowering vine. It will create a warm and inviting entrance while adding charm to spare.

2.  Do you have a tree that's front and center in your yard, commanding attention? Make it a real feature by skirting it with a cute little bench. Just be sure to leave plenty of room all the way around for future growth.

3.  Consider adding a fabulous pergola. They look great on the front of a cottage, coastal or craftsman style home and will even offer a bit of sun relief for porch sitting time.

4.  Weathervanes exude the ooh, aah factor. If you have a peak on the front of your home, add a weathervane for a touch of whimsy.

5.  Topiaries, in spiral form, or really any form, add loads of style and appeal to a home.

6.  One of the fastest and least expensive ways to give your home's facade an instant facelift is by painting your front door a zippy color. Doors can be time consuming to paint, so here's a little trick I always like to use to avoid choosing the wrong color and having to repaint. Just paint a few sheets of inexpensive poster board with the paint you're considering. Then tape them to the door with masking tape and check the look from the yard or curb. You'll know pretty quickly if you've chosen the right color.

7.  Exterior lighting can really be awe inspiring, and it doesn't take a lot of lights to make a huge impact. No need to call an electrician if you just want the look without the expense. Most big box hardware stores sell outdoor lighting kits that don't require the skills of an electrician to install.

8.  Plant a flower garden along the front of your home with lots of long-blooming perennials. They'll come back year after year with their show stopping, car stalking beauty.

9.  A white picket still my heart. In my house stalking book, the only thing better than a white picket fence is...a white picket fence that's set back 3-4 feet with loads of blooming flowers planted along in front. Get ready; the neighbors are going to be talking and they will so be wishing they had thought of it first.

10.  Have you noticed all the great vinyls on the market these days? You can really dress up your front door quickly and inexpensively with these. They stick on firmly when applied as directed and add some instant panache to any front door.

11.  Window boxes are a fairly inexpensive and quick way to give your home some instant charm. The darling storybook shutters create delightful curb appeal for this home, as well.

12.  This would so be a stalker house for me if it were in my town. I just love it! But the real reason I included this charming home is the fabulous driveway. What a great way to give your home that little something extra.

So, tell you have a home in your town that is totally stalker material?

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